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04-14-06, 06:46 PM
So during the quest called "Paranoia" in Kvatch where you have to convince an idiot that he is / isn't being watched, i accepted his request of killing the 3rd person (because he gives you 1000 gold for it)

I killed the dude in his sleep, then his brother when he ran in, puttin my bounty to around 300.

I went outside, ready to leg it to the stables, knowing i'd be getting chased shortly, which i was, stole a horse, gallopped all the way to the Waterfront to see the first thieves guild doyne (adamante or something) to remove my bounty (paying 300 but gaining 1000... you do the math)

so my bounty is gone and im ready to received my reward, time to fast travel back to kvatch. Right? Wrong.

on Fast Travel attempt i get "you cannot fast travel while guards are persuing"

Slight annoyance.

no guards are persuing, the guy that chased me from kvatch gave up hours ago and im standing in a non-enemy location, with no soldiers.

Ok, lets do this the hard way. I foot travel all the way back to kvatch (my stolen horse done a runner) and spoke to some of the guards there, then double checked that my bounty was infact 0. Everything was in order, the guards were speaking to me normally, i had no bounty. OK, lets wait til midnight to get my 1000 gold.

"You cannot wait while guards are persuing"

Severe annoyance. the game is blatently talking sh**

won't let me fast travel, won't let me wait. As if i'm willing to go through the rest of the game in this condition...

any help is appreciated.

04-14-06, 08:46 PM
Do me a favor go inside a dungeon. Wait at the entrance for a while see if the guards finally come in,

gray fox
04-15-06, 08:21 AM
I dont think your supposed to kill them, i think your supposed to turn him into the gaurd then laugh when they kill him and help if you want , just make sure you dont hit one of the guards!!!!

AND ITS SKINGRAD kvatch was destroyed by monsties lmao :P