View Full Version : F.E.A.R. & COD 2 bugs I had in the past

04-15-06, 12:08 AM
Both of the games would never work. COD 2 would give me a DirectX error and F.E.A.R. would start up and load, but I would only the weapon and the hud and it would crawl.

Well, I finally fixed it. I was messing around with some system settings and turned my memory usage from "System Cache" to "Programs" and what do you know, everything worked on the next restart and eversince. So if this is the reason so many people are getting the black screen in F.E.A.R. then they should know that the large system cache and DirectX managed code is the reason. With NVIDIA drivers, they don't seem to work. I've experienced this on my friend's dell when I "tweaked" it, which made the game unplayable until switching back, and also on 2 other home computers.

In COD 2, the DirectX error would prevent the game from starting at all and it would open my browser and tell me where to download DirectX9.0c even though I had the latest version (since I updated every 2 months when a new managed code version is out).

I hope this helps anyone with issues like the ones I described. Large system cache and new DirectX 9.0c (managed code) games are a recipe for disaster. Leave the damned thing off.