View Full Version : How high can you overclock your 7800GS?

04-15-06, 06:58 PM
I have my running at 475/1300 with no problems at all. It may not be the best card, but it's not a slouch either. A really nice upgrade from my X800 XL. That card had all kinds of problems with COD 2. This 7800GS runs the game with no problems whatsoever.

04-15-06, 07:26 PM
YA.. the 7800GS is a great card for those with anything less than a 6800 who are not ready for the jump to PCI-E yet. I am sure you will enjoy that card very much :)

04-16-06, 08:50 AM
For the core mine overclocks just past 500mhz, and it passes 3dmark05 looping. (~6900 point score btw). But AtiTool detects very slight artifacting at that speed, so i back it down to 480 core for peace of mind.

The ram does 1500mhz DDR comfortably, and i haven't actually tried reaching it's limit as 1500mhz seems more than enough bandwidth for a 16/6 core at 480mhz.

The card is a leadtek 7800gs, and i have removed the HSF; the ram chips on the leadteks are 1.4ns. :)