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04-16-06, 11:53 AM
I have some questions about my recently purchased 7900GT, I've said in previous threads that i haven't own an nV card for some time and i'm not exactly up to speed on some things. That's why i need some quesions answered :)

I'm very sorry for the loooong post, but please read (ack)

My specs are in my sig. I score ~7400 in 3DM05 with the CPU stock and card stock, and ~8500 with the CPU at 2,6 Ghz and the card at 550/800.
3DM06 score is around 4400 with the card and CPU stock. I haven't tested 06 with an o/c yet.

1st question : Are these scores right for the system specs i have?

2nd question : I'm currently playing GTA SA and i seem to get slower performance than an X800 vanilla@GTO speeds, running on a MSI K8N Neo4-F and a 3200+ stock. My 7900GT and CPU are stock. I seem to get around 5-15% slower performance than this machine. I play 1280x1024 max (native rezolution) with AA on the 7900GT and the same, but without the AA on the X800. You would normally say that AA is the issue - i run AA on the nV. However, i get the same performance no matter if i run it with or without AA, and pretty much regardless of resolution.
I thought i was CPU limited, but i ran the game with my CPU at 2,6 and it runs the same. I also see something similar in AoE3. Let me explain : I run it 1280x1024 max with Very High shader quality (HDR) and the game runs very nice, even in battles, but the general framerate isn't more than, say 5-10% bigger than what i see on a friend of mine's X850XTPE. He of course doesn't have SM3.0, but i get no performance gain when i run without HDR. Maybe 1 frame, if at all. No performance gain with the CPU at 2,6 also.

Besides this, i've played CoD2 and it runs faster than the card i've been talking about (the X850) by quite a big margin, and from what i see the CoD2 engine prefers ATI hardware (strange...). Also tried Condemend, which is pretty graphics intensive as it runs on a upgraded F.E.A.R. engine, and plays considerably faster on my GT, and Oblivion, which *again* runs considerably faster :D

I don't know what to say. The drivers are still immature, because the card is absolutely fantastic as far as i can say.

PS : Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that i use a 400W PSU. It would normally be the problem in such a situation, but it can handle from what i see, the CPU at 2,6 and a pretty big o/c i've made to the card (560/900) and stable for that matter, as i've played Oblivion for a few hours, and there was definately an impovement performance wise after the overclocking i did to the two.

Anyway, i need your opinions and possible explanations on this one. And if you happen to post and own one of these, please post a your 3DM scores :p

04-16-06, 05:54 PM
1. Your scores seem to be normal for the system you have. I know people managed to break 10k in 05 with a 7900GT but their cards were clocked well past 600mhz and had much faster CPUs.

2. What type of AA are you using in GTASA? Do you force it ingame or in the Nvidia control panel, or both? Definitly sounds CPU-limited to me but then again you should notice a difference when you run your CPU at 2,6Ghz. Thats strange. This is either a driver bug, your card is in throttle-mode (due to lack of power) or your PSU is at a limit when overclock your CPU to 2,6Ghz, considering how power hungry it gets at this clock and of course your GT does need some juice as well. IŽd use a good quality 500watt PSU on a system like that (when the CPU is clocked at 2,6), just be on the safe side and have some headroom, but thats just me. ;)

Another thing you can try, disable AA ingame and force it in the control panel, switch between all 4 modes and benchmark each. If you get the same framerate with 2AA just like with 8xS, then you are CPU limited for sure. ;)

Not sure whats going on in AOE3 but it might be capped (vsync like) in the first place.

3. Did you reinstall Windows after your switch to Nvidia? I always recommend a fresh Windows installation when major components are changed. It helps in the long run. :)

04-17-06, 06:11 AM
Yes, complete Windows reinstall, and brought up to date. Latest official drivers for everything.

I use the in-game AA setting. Iwill try forcing it from the CP.
Yeah, i also thought i was CPU limited, but i got proven wrong when o/c'ing the CPU.
And, again, i thought the same thing about my PSU, but how come i get all around better framerates in almost every other game when i o/c the CPU and card if it's throttling down? It's weird to say the least. Maybe i wil try with a more powerfull PSU.
There's no VSync in AoE3... It's forced off from the CP.
Thanks for the reply.

Anyone else want to give me their opinion? :)

04-19-06, 03:27 PM
No one else want to give their opinion about the San Andreas thing?

It's basicaly the only game that has this "problem".
On a side note, I played some F.E.A.R. earlier, and man does it run fast on this card :D

04-20-06, 12:29 AM
I have the same cpu and card you do (more or less). I'm curious about one thing and it isn't that big of deal, but have you tried lowering your voltage on your cpu to just 1.5? I say that because my 3200+ is at 2.7ghz at 1.5. I up'd it to 1.55 and performance actually got worse in benchmarks, like it was too much voltage. I may have to try that again, however. Only other thing I can think of is it's just a GTASA problem only and not a hardware or driver issue. Unfortunately, I have the game, but I'm without a hard drive at the moment or I could test it. I'll try to do that when I can. As far as the PSU, it could be, but I doubt it since everything else is working fine. Check your voltage on your 12v rail in your bios and see what it says. Is it steady or fluctuating? I doubt really it is PSU related.

I can't get my eVGA 7900 GT CO Superclocked above the 850 mark for some reason. And just for comparison, check my Sig for benchmark scores, since we have similar hardware. I'll get back with you as soon as I can. Good luck.