View Full Version : Is there any point in closing the Oblivion gates?

04-19-06, 02:02 AM
... besides getting the sigil stones?

I've closed 3 gates so far and it got real old and annoying after the second one turned out to be just like the first one, only with a slightly different layout. Third gate looked pretty much like the second one, and I suppose this goes on ad infinitum until you do some thing along the main quest line.

These suckers keep spawning all over the place but I don't feel like going in anymore. Is there any point?

04-19-06, 02:15 AM
Nope. Aside from the Sigil Stones and other gear there's no point and I believe they will just keep popping up until you complete the main storyline. I suggest that you only go in when a quest asks for it.

04-19-06, 05:56 AM
Yeah u get them Sigil stones which u can use to make erm enchanted weapons :D

04-19-06, 06:41 AM
Enchanted weapons provide a marginal bonuses and with alchemy you can make a wider range of potions covering any sistuation.

Yes, closing Oblivion gates is pretty much useless and the Oblivion plane itself reminds me of the Xen levels in Half Life which made me stop playing that game before the end. :o

04-19-06, 07:52 AM
Hmmm so has anyone managed to stop them from popping up everywhere? And if yes, did that simply mean no more gates would open afterwards OR that all the open gates get closed so you can't enter the plains anymore?

04-19-06, 09:22 AM
The game will open a certain number of gates all around Cyrodil after the Kvatch chapter of the main quest. Their locations are pre-determined, although they don't open all at the same time.

Some gates are essential to the storyline and, once closed, they're gone for good. These gates lead to some pre-defined, scripted areas. All the others (those found in the wilderness) lead to a random Oblivion map chosen among a list and they will respawn after a certain amount of time. Once the main quest is over, all the Oblivion gates (visited or not) will disappear forever.

04-19-06, 10:51 AM
If you get any sigil stone, I suggest to make sure you get the one that either fortifies 25 health, or damages 25 health, put that on the most powerfull claymore, diadric one I think, and you'll destroy pretty much anything in about 3-4 hits.

04-19-06, 03:18 PM
They are useful for alchemy. Very useful for alchemy. And the sigil stones are very useful also.

04-20-06, 09:32 AM
The gates lag my computer miserably so closing them helps a lot : )

04-20-06, 10:17 AM
You get sigil stones, some fancy loot and your fame goes up.

04-20-06, 01:39 PM
The gates lag my computer miserably so closing them helps a lot : )


04-20-06, 01:40 PM
You get sigil stones, some fancy loot and your fame goes up.

What is fame good for?

04-20-06, 03:58 PM
Also, there's nothing like the gates to level your combat skills. I'm assuming it's just because there are so many Daedra in each gate, but I never found dungeons that were as effective for helping me level as gates.

04-21-06, 02:47 AM
What is fame good for?Some disposition bonuses.

I wish it could aslo be used to open certain quests, because it makes no sense that people go hire a perfect stranger to resolve some particulary sensitive matters.

Also, even if I have a very high fame and I am champion of Cyrodill, people still refuse to sell me a house without having me to bribe them. -_-