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04-19-06, 03:50 PM
Ok, first of all, this has also been posted in the "NVIDIA GeForce 6 and 7 Series" forum. I also posted here because i thought more people will look. :)

Here it goes : I'm currently playing GTA SA and i seem to get slower performance than an X800 vanilla@GTO speeds, running on a MSI K8N Neo4-F and a 3200+ stock. My 7900GT and CPU are stock. I seem to get around 5-15% slower performance than this machine. I play 1280x1024 max (native rezolution) with AA on the 7900GT and the same, but without the AA on the X800. You would normally say that AA is the issue - i run AA on the nV. However, i get the same performance no matter if i run it with or without AA, and pretty much regardless of resolution.
I thought i was CPU limited, but i ran the game with my CPU at 2,6 and it runs the same.
What's more strange, is that i've seen a friend play the game on his X850XTPE and it runs worse than on the X800 Vanilla at the same settings. :wtf: Not by much, but there is a difference (again, he is using AA though, but turning it off also has no impact on performance, and he has a similar system to mine)

NB : I'm comparing with the ATI cards as that is the only place i've seen the game run on. Also i should mention that i get a normal 3DMark (05, 06) score for my setup, and that i'm also playing different games, (Condemned, Call of Duty 2, Oblivion etc.) more or less demanding, that run great on the card.

I just don't know what's up with GTASA's performance (i know it's poorly coded, BTW). And i also have to specify that it's totaly playable, as i get 36-40 fps as an average.

04-19-06, 04:33 PM
The first things I would check would be VSYNC for the game under the Nvidia profile. Check the frame limiter option within the game, as well. I play the game from time to time with my rig below and don't have those sort of issues....I actually crank AA and AF way up when I play it at that resolution...

I don't know, dude...have you checked if other AA options are on, like transparancy and gamma AA? Those could be hitting it hard.

Did you try a different resolution? Different settings other than those listed?

04-20-06, 04:23 AM
VSync is forced off through nvcpl. Frame limiter is, of course, off.
And TAA and gamma AA are also set to off.

I did try some other settings, but the game runs pretty much the same regardles if i run AA or not. I can't go past 1280 as it's my native resolution.

Qlitchford, what framerate do you get when running my settings? (1280x1024, AA set to 3 in the game)

EDIT : I will include some min/avg/max framerates recorded with FRAPS. They were done by running a lap around the garage in San Fiero in a cab. I staet inside the cab in front of the garage, then i always take the first right intersection that is on the map, that way i go around the garage and the construction site, and then stop in front again.

Anyway, this is 1280x1024 with AA set to "3" in the game, everything else is either on or to the maximum :

Frames: 1649 - Time: 33938ms - Avg: 48.588 - Min: 37 - Max: 59

And this is the same resolution and setting as beore, but without AA :

Frames: 1569 - Time: 30703ms - Avg: 51.102 - Min: 34 - Max: 65

You should probably ignore the Low there as i ran into some problems at "start up" :D

The Avg is bigger in the second run-through, but not by a lot. I also checked if the game is indeed using AA when i set it to "3" and it definitely is using it, as there's a notable difference in all areas.

If someone would be so kind as to do the same run through at the same settings and post it, i would be in debt. :o
Provided they have enough free time, of course! :)

04-20-06, 10:14 AM
Hehe, I get the same performance (30-40) on the same settings playing GTA:SA on my laptop. :p

04-21-06, 07:18 AM
Damn! See what i mean? :(

j/k (pirate)

So, does anyone have any ideas regarding my problem?

04-21-06, 02:52 PM
I'll have to get back with you on the numbers since I haven't installed that game since my last wipe and reload. From the way I remember the game looking, however, I don't think that it ever ran consistantly above 60FPS for me at any time.

I'm thinking its probably just the way the game was coded...but if I get the chance tonight I'll see what I can do concerning some benchmarks.

One more thing...are you running the 1.01 Patch? Even though its primary purpose was to fix the hot coffee crap, it did have a few improvements.

04-22-06, 10:44 AM
I wasn't running the 1.01 patch, I installed it and it runs the same.

This is really weird... I mean a X800 beating both a 7900GT and a X850XTPE is just...outright weird!

NB : the X800 with AA enable (set to 3 in the game) is still running faster! Very good performance this card has in GTASA.

I'm eagerly awaiting your results :D


04-22-06, 12:21 PM
I just ran GTA SA with the following settings...
1600x1200 (refresh rate is 72hz, yea I need a better monitor I know)
frame limiter off
vsync on (yea I forgot to turn it off)
8xs AF
TAA set to supersampling
gamma AA on
I got around 40-45 fps in the game. It did drop down to 22 once when it rained and a lot of cars were running into each other and going nuts. I didn't run it in the are you specified though but this was just an overall thing.
Specs are in my sig and it is on the AMD system.

04-22-06, 04:00 PM
That's impressive. Sadly i can;t go over 1280 as it's the LCD's native rez, but i don't expect that kind of performance with my card...

I guess my "issue" is unheard of, right?

04-22-06, 04:02 PM
That's impressive. Sadly i can;t go over 1280 as it's the LCD's native rez, but i don't expect that kind of performance with my card...

I guess my "issue" is unheard of, right?

What kind of performance are you getting in other games?

my 6600gt pulled off 1280x1024 no prob (dipped a lil in rain) so yours should have absoloutley no problem.

04-23-06, 02:15 AM
Well i can play CoD2 at 1280x1024 everything max and FRAPS gives me a medium 43 FPS recoreded throughout a few missions. With 4XAA i get 36 FPS.

I can play Condemned at 1280x1024 maximum and have 55+ all the time.

AoE3 maximum 1280x1024, i get around 45+

NFS MW 1280x1024 4xAA 16AF maximum - it really depends on the car i drive and the track but i get 40+ FPS sustained 90% of the time.

Oblivion 1280x1024 everything maximum i get around 30 medium outside (it dips much lower sometimes of course) and indoors...i don't know, lots anyway, probably 80+ sustained.

Compaired to what i upgraded from (X800XTPE o/c'ed) it's much faster. Except GTA SA :(

I haven't played GTA SA on my old card though, so i can't compare.

BTW, even when i o/c the card (9500 in 05) and i see great framerate jumps in all games, GTA SA is just about 5% faster.
To be more exact, from the 51 medium i get with FRAPS it goes to 54.

Anyway, i guess i should just (re)enjoy the game and stop whining. :D
But i just wanted to note this, as i though i was doing something wrong (?) or there's something wrond with my setup.