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04-20-06, 06:25 AM
:thumbdwn: I did a Video Card Stability Test (actual name of the program) last night and this morning when I looked at the screen, it said it failed. Does anyone know how reliable this program is? I have used ATITool before which was fine on a overnight test, so I don't know why it failed in one program while it is fine in another. Which program should I trust better? Unfortunate, I don't have '06 Professional which allows for looping demo, so I don't know if it will pass it or not. Not sure if the 200Mhz OCing of my system plays a role in this stability fail test or not. Your input regarding this issue (about my new EVGA 7900GTX 512MB EGS) will greatly be appreciated.

04-20-06, 08:25 AM
When testing a new part, I think it's best to return everything to stock first just so you've eliminated that question mark. It might not change anything but at least you've eliminated that variable.

04-20-06, 09:15 AM
I was about to ask what impotency had to do with a hardware forum then seeing that title... lol

Quite right though in what OWA says, you can't really judge doom and gloom unless everything is set back to it's original state.