View Full Version : Doomstones and greater powers

04-20-06, 07:03 PM
I'm playing "exploring the land" right now rather than getting on with the main quest.

I've noticed these white monoliths with red/green/blue scripts on them and clicking on them asks me whether to activate the doomstone or not. You can only activate them at night.

I found one but did not activate one and I got the message that fortune smiles upon you or something like that. I got a greater power of tower (unlock hard locks) and fortify athletics on self 15 for 120 seconds. Are these doomstones aligned by the phase of the moon/day of the year?

04-20-06, 09:54 PM
I found that same doom stone before, but I can't find it anymore...where was it?

And I think all the stones are the same, just have to activate at the right time. At least thats what I've gathered from my multiple characters getting the same gains for the same stones.