View Full Version : SLI in Win 2000 no workie

04-21-06, 12:32 AM
found a old copy of win 2000 pro ran it i like it no callin MS to register also seems very fast...only problem cant get sli to work got 2 7800 gtx but no option in nvida control panel in 2000 pro to enable SLI ? bios all good switch back over to my harddrive with xp SLI in all it s glory ? any ideas maybe a patch .. thanks alot

04-21-06, 12:40 AM
I'm far from an expert, but since the drivers say "Windows XP/2000", I'd try something like DRIVER CLEANER and then a few different (but recent) versions of the drivers. Good luck.

04-21-06, 02:29 AM
AFAIK, SLI is not supported in Win2K.