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04-21-06, 09:52 AM
I was hoping to get some suggestions on cooling solutions for the following setup.

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe
AMD X2 4200
Dual 7900gtx
2 WD SATAII hdds

I've been considering a liquid cooling solution and I just wanted to get some feedback on ones other people have used and liked (or disliked).

Thanks for your time.

04-21-06, 02:46 PM
You can get away with air cooling, but I would highly recommend that you go with NV Silencers or equivelent ot spit out all of that hot air. Otherwise, your cards and entire system are going to be running VERY hot. My system runs hot with just one 7800GTX if I use a cooler that dumps heat internally. You would be fine running the stock cooler on the processor.

I've been considering WCing for a while now, and I just don't think that its really cost effective or reasonable unless you plan on overclocking. Your looking at $65 shipped for the coolers I mentioned compared to AT LEAST that much alone for the waterblocks for the GPUS. You'd be lucky to find ONE quality block for that much, actually. If you are planning on OCing and want a moderatly quiet system and have the cash, go for it. I still stand by air cooling for now.

04-21-06, 06:56 PM
Unless you own x1900XTX's, then even if you don't OC it's great because the x1900's sound like a lawn mower. :D Plus even if you weren't going to OC you will once you water cool your GPUs, I wasn't going to OC but when I saw 20C drop in temps with water cooling I just had to OC. ;)