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04-21-06, 11:44 PM
I just want to say that eVGA has the best support I have ever encountered. I build PC's and eVGA's support is stellar!

First the Scenario: I have the 7900GT OC 500/1500 NOT THE SC!
I was having the same issues as the 7900 GT/SC problems w/ freezing, stuttering and hanging. I wondered to myself, "but why? I dont even have the SC!" Well. I posted here, and it must have caught Mario Gastelum's eye. I thought, "WOW, a tech engineer wanting to help me?" I was having trouble with tech support claiming it was my PSU, when I had a new one. Mario went out of his way to contact me. We even talked on the phone while he was testing 52 Dell systems! He explained to me why I had my situation as abnormal from the SC's etc. They ship OC products with a 97% success rate, and they account for the other 3%. I was one of the 3% (read on to Diagnosis)

Diagnosis: Mario told me to downclock the RAM with Coolbits. Test it out overnight. I did, THOROUGHLY. I never played so many games in my life for about 12 hours. I went so long, I let my sister play for 2 more hours. Well, with the downclock it worked perfect. (in Mario's words, I didnt get what I paid for, which was 750Mhz RAM), he immediately called the RMA dept. And then told me he would cherry pick me a card from his office. AWESOME! Then he continued on about the KO!!!! He told a little secret about the KO. It will have copper ramsinks, and it's a screamer. (drool)

I received 3 RMA notices about my RMA and that they cross shipped it (I bought it from ZZF!) for free, w/ next day air! I received my new Card, tested it out, and it's flawless. Oh, did I mention they even had return shipping PRE-PAID!?!?! I didnt even pay for return shipping! standard Tech Support came up with the same resolution, AFTER Mario had already RMA'd the card for me. I let Coolbits detect auto OC settings, and it detected 542/839. I know it can do more, but I dont plan on OC'ing, it's fast enough, I'm leaving it at stock. Not bad for no ramsinks. :D

1 satisfied customer, and word of mouth advertiser

04-21-06, 11:46 PM
Funny how your talking about someone I see everyday :) Glad everything is working out for ya.