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04-24-06, 01:24 AM
Is it possible to use the regular Nvidia Windows XP Video drivers on Media Center? I'm not using any of the TV input functions of MCE, basically just playback of video, etc. I'd like the latest drivers though because of performance enhancements with certain games. The latest version of Nvidia MCE drivers is 81.98. I am going to put in a 7600gt and would like to use the 84.21 drivers.

04-24-06, 11:21 AM
Hey Trek

I've been running the 84.21, and now the 84.43. The 84.43s have been on since they were out.
I've been playing a hell of alot of Oblivion.....

No issues so far, and i run my MCE with TV out and a hauppage tv card.

It's usually not a prob to run XPpro drivers on MCE, but as always it 'may' be different for your setup......:)

04-25-06, 05:44 PM
If you use regular XP drivers on MCE, be certain to de-install your MCE video drivers first.

When I installed regular XP drivers over the XP MCE drivers, the machine benchmarked higher, but the system got unstable and I had to clean out the video drivers to recover.