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Mr Marmalade
04-24-06, 01:43 PM

I'm having problems getting my system(*) not working right. The main cause is probably Win98SE (stop yer moaning/laughing, upgrading isn't an option quite yet), but I'd still like to get it working. With some twiddling of the settings (setup /p i to disable ACPI, and entering MaxPhysPage & MaxFileCache values in system.ini to workaround large RAM issue) I can at least get the system up & running, but the nVidia drivers just aren't working right. On my previous AthlonXP system this GFX card worked fine.

The problem is odd & I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere. So I can get Windows installed OK, either installing the GeForce drivers early on or later after putting other ones in, the problem still exists. I have also tried a few different driver versions; Forceware 81.98, 71.84, 77.72, and some 6-series ones too. Starting with multiple fresh Windows installations (no-previous nVidia gfx driver history), I put the nVidia gfx drivers in but upon reboot it stops with a cursor at the top LHS of the screen. wait quite some time & then reboot, then windows detects a the monitor 'again'. Eventually I get to the desktop. There is no nVidia logo in the taskbar. When I go into the display settings there is no nVidia TAB like usual... BUT it shows two monitors as if the system thinks there are two monitors attached (maybe this is why the first post-driver installation boot cycle went to a semi-blank screen), but there was only ever one. Then upon another reboot or so it says there is something wrong with the display settings and Windows fails to load fully.

Has anyone encountered similar issues and can help, or give guidance towards any solution? Does any driver version fix this? I use Linux mainly and its nV Forum has been helpful in the past, I hope this one will be also. :)

Mr Marmalade.

(*) System Specs: AthlonX2 4200+ (dual-core), MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (nForce3 Ultra chipset), 2GB RAM, XFX GF6800 128MB AGP.

04-24-06, 02:19 PM
I've tried to install Windows 98 on an old A64 machine I had and it wasn't pretty. I was lucky to get it to the GUI half the time. The fact that you have a dual core processor and 2 GB of RAM (despite your tweaking) isn't helping either.

Stick with your Linux installation until you have the resources to purchase a copy of XP. You should be able to get an upgrade version of XP Home pretty cheap. You can do a clean install from an upgrade CD as long as you provide a full version CD of a previous Windows (98, ME, 2000).