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04-24-06, 08:21 PM
This read is pretty good. I foudn the whole 2 games in one thing really cool. the single player game until level 20 then you go multiplayer is really really interesting. thats a complete shift from what we usually experiance with lackluster tutorials and people just spamming chat channels with stfu newb when new players ask questsions. It seems this game may have an answer which is to get you accustomed to the world enviornment and mechanics and combat system and so forth, way before you ever even get online

Check it out here


04-24-06, 10:27 PM
Yeah, I have my eye on the game. I tried to play it at last years E3 but it was unplayable... graphics looked amazing but the frame rate was below 5fps... it was a slideshow.

I just hope they can keep most of the Conan world intact, alot will have to be removed due to the nature of it but I hope much of it stays in.