View Full Version : Allow me to eat a little crow - the PSP.

04-24-06, 11:32 PM
So a little while back, I went through great length to demonize the PSP. It's under-utilization of the geometry capability, the crap games that are out for it (for the most part, and this mostly still holds true).

However, I caught a glimpse right as I was about to give up, of what apparently this thing looks like it's capable of.

I got Daxter, and Syphon Filter, after seeing them in action on a demo unit. I have to say, if you don't call SF:DM PS2 quality graphics then I don't know what is. They either used up all 222MHz of the CPU in a stroke of genius, or bumped up the clockspeed. I was looking at some of the character and it's incredible. That, and Daxter, simply looked incredible. Both of these games are also truly FUN to play. That, and the store I happened to visit was closing out and everything was half off, including all those UMD's. Now at $10 per UMD, and granted it was a store closeout sale, I went ahead and bought a few. Total Recall, AvP, The Island, and Narnia. All $10 each. That's what the UMD's should be priced at, because at that price, I go out and load up my movie library for my PSP. I would have done that in the first place if that was their pricing point too, and the sales would move.

Now with all this, I have to say, impressive. This not regarding Pursuit Force, which is also...a truly wonderful game. Good job PSP, good job...finally some killer titles.

The PSP may yet last, and it will shed its joke status if it keeps this up because I'm having mad fun on mine.

Now after the royal flaming I gave the PSP just a month ago on here, those games have to be DAMN good for me to be willing to come back here...eating all those words I wrote. Let's just see Sony keep this pace, this is what I wanted in the first place.

04-25-06, 01:23 AM
Yep I plan on getting a psp to see me through the boredom of doing the nightshift at work. The thing putting me off apart from pro evo 5 is the lack of decent games. Nothing out at the momemt takes my fancy and i am not interested in those rip off umd movies.

04-25-06, 01:27 AM
Yeah Daxter is amazing. I can't wait for Rachet and Clank!