View Full Version : FX-57 vs Athlon64 X2 4800+?

04-26-06, 03:36 AM
I am fairly sure I figured out my BSoD issue - SLI + X2 + USB. Being as USB2 works fine for some people with SLI and X2 and not others, I can now blame it on my boards lack of support for the X2.

My options are:

Sell the 4800+ and buy a FX-57, or buy another motherboard.

I am thinking of an Asus A8N 32. They seem to be common favorites and a lot of people have them so if I need help with something, it should be no problem. I do hear they run hot though - I live in Massacusetts where it is not the hottest place on Earth, so would that be a problem?

Anything else that works good is an option too. I figure if I am going to buy a new motherboard, I should at least get one with 32x PCIE so I can run my video cards at full speed in SLI.

04-26-06, 06:45 AM
I have an SLI rig with an 4800 and use USB without any crashes what so ever.

I also have a FX55 with and SLI, for gaming the FX57 should be just as fast as the 4800 unless the game you are playing takes advantage of the dual core of the 4800

04-26-06, 09:07 AM
I am thinking of trying another board too if they are not going to let me pay the difference in CPUs (or I can trade mine for a FX-57), possibly an Asus A8N-32 as they seem to be the SLI motherboard of choice these days.

From what I've gathered, it works for some people and for some people it doesn't but I think it would have to be the board wouldn't it (Even if forcing onecpu doesn't work, I think the fact that its running better is telling me that it would be a bad motherboard).