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04-26-06, 08:01 PM
Alright so I've gone through Syphon filter.

And wow. I mean wow. I actually had fun having the option to turn things into a gunfight or a stealth kill. If it's a gun fight, you can't run and shoot too well, but you can take cover extremely well....and you can return fire from cover in this game better than any other game I've seen. They made it VERY fun to be tucked behind a corner/under a pane and pop up laying waste to then...and effortlessly ducking back under/around and reloading. If you dig stealth kills, I also like the greater realism in hiding in this one. It's easier to stay quiet than in splinter cell, just duck. But the nice thing is that an enemy will see you if you're really visible..as opposed to being completely visible just...dark according to your light meter.

I would have liked to have my light/audio meter back, however. Granted those are gone, this game made up for it with things like:

Coordinating powering on a server with a guy in the duct work/ceiling using your IR.

Defending the guy in the ceiling/duct work with your IR shooting at the bad guys through the ceiling.

The EDT's are sooooooooo much fun in this game.

Electrocuting a guy working on a circuit by powering it on, or breaking his neck, your choice.

The IR actually being very useful in planning your attack on a room, although not as realistic, still quite fun.

The RTL is very fun to use, and shooting from it is great.

The puzzles were well thought out, and the use of EDT darts with puzzles is a nice change because you have to use your other vision modes to figure them out. If you don't you're scratching your head, but it's also a nice change.

Logan isn't some greying old guy, BUT, Sam Fisher is voiced by Ironside...I still think Logan is a nice change.

The bad guys aren't afraid to say "HURRY THE **** UP MOTHER****ER" to a hostage :D and it isn't cheesy.

Bloom and lighting effects...on a handheld...

Character details are elaborate. Buckles/clothing detail, expressions, and animation are superbly done, with some very good polygon counts. Kudo's to Sony for putting the PSP's geometry muscle to use.

Textures are detailed just fine for the screen resolution.

Control scheme, you can "lock" onto an enemy ala Zelda: Ocarina of time. You are still dinged for accuracy if you're moving vs standing vs crouching though. The whole mechanism for taking cover was pulled straight out of one of those arcade gun shooters...and that was brilliant. If Sam could take cover like Logan...I'd have genuinely enjoyed Splinter Cell a whole lot more. I really hope they move this type of mechanism into regular consoles in the near future because it works VERY well and it's not "cheating" it's just efficient.

Did I mention controls? It's like the ipod user interface of tactical shooters, they did a great job making it so I can..on the PSP mind you..quickly switch vision modes, reload, crouch, zoom my rifle scope, or change weapons, or use medkits very efficient. This thing does not scream for a second analog stick, it manages just fine and while playing you won't miss it.

I think I found the game, that I bought a PSP for in the first place. The only thing lacking is graphics, in that they seem so PS2-ish and so 2003....oh wait.....this is a handheld game.....nevermind ;)

Mr. Hunt
04-26-06, 08:13 PM
Lol... when I read your graphics comment I was about to slap you in the face until I finished it ;).

Yeah the game is fun... I really hope the next console version (lets pray for PS3) will be good... after Syphon Filter 1 I have hated all of the others until this one.

04-27-06, 08:57 AM
I picked up Syphon Filter on a Wednesday and finished it 3 days later. I could not put the PSP down.... the game is THAT GOOD! There is a steep learning curve on the control scheme but once you get it down the game play is awesome. This game is the result of a developer designing a game specifically for the PSP. No crappy port here. All PSP owners should run out and pick up this gem!