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Mr. Hunt
04-26-06, 08:51 PM
Hope this hasn't been posted yet (I did some searching, but you never know what you people would name the thread lol ;))... I just saw it while browsing around some and I thought they looked good and I would tell others about it... I haven't tested it yet... figured I would post here as soon as I could to let others know just incase anybody else wanted them...

The screenshots looked nice (although some of the textures seem a bit dark) and there is a 1024 version and a 2048 version... supposedly not too much difference, but since I already get the occassional skip I will stick with the 1024 version... but I am sure you people with beastly computers will hop right on the 2048 version ;).

1024 textures (http://www.elricm.com/nuke/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=viewdownloaddetails&lid=2553)

2048 textures (http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail&id=708)

Pictures should be up at both of the links.

Have fun and post some pictures of your results and whatnot... going to test them out in a bit myself.

EDIT: Upon further reading of the thread it may have some problems... especially involving the LOD textures since these new grass textures are dark and whatnot... use at your own risk and know how to uninstall ;).

04-26-06, 11:29 PM
Isn't there something simillar to this out there?

04-27-06, 12:26 AM
These look pretty nice but they are changing them way too much.

The texture pack Im working on is based on the original textures, I just fixed the terrible patterning\tiling that plagues the game.

I have a feeling that the textures in this pack look great up close but probably tile like crazy from far away (like the originals that looked really cool up close), not to mention that they probably dont fit the rest of the scenery at all.

Whoever made them deffinitely has some talent though, they look really really good.

Also, complete 2048x2048 textures are probably a bit too much for current hardware... each one would take up 16x the memory of the originals.

04-27-06, 12:51 AM
Yeah it changes many textures to the worse, they might be of better quality but the artistic quality and how well it fits in is more important and here the original ones have a huge advantage.

It was easier with morrowind, i downloaded different texture packs, used a thumbnail previewer for .dds files and deleted the ones i wasnt satisfied with in the different packs, after a while i got it to look and fit in really well. In obivion it's handled differently unfortunately.

04-29-06, 12:49 PM
i installed it ... and donīt like much ... some textures are more dark than the original .. make some places a little weird ... with the Grass more lighter than the grass texture ... really weird ... :thumbdwn:
i need to reinstall ... i hate me ... :D

04-30-06, 04:36 AM
The grass being neon color compared to the ground textures can be fix'd.

I really *love* some of the textures from this pack. I play the mix-and-match game with these textures, the original textures and Jarrods textures. I've come up with a match I'm really happy with. Now I can't wait for CaptNKILL to release his textures so that I can fix the last few really badly tiling textures. :)