View Full Version : 3Go on nforce4 : only 2867 Mo seen

04-27-06, 04:53 AM
Hello, i have an msi 7123 motherboard fitted with nforce4 chipset (msi7123 is a motherboard specially made my msi for the medion brand), i have installed 3Go of ram, but at the bios level only 2867 Mo are seen, and the OS see no more mem, where are the missing 200 Mo, and is there any mean to use them.

i need all this memory beacuse i use heavy winxp application inside vmware under linux, and i want that all the process to fit in ram

ps: the bios is up to date.


04-27-06, 05:58 PM
My Gigabyte GA K8N Pro-SLI does the same thing ,I have 3gigs installed and the Bios reads like 2.88 before I install windowsXP and windows XP shows it as 2.75gig ,I got this off of Gigabyte facts sheet and it says it is,Due to standard PC architecture, a certain amount of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore the actual memory size is less than the stated amount. For example, 4GB of memory size will instead be shown as 3.xxGB memory during system startup.