View Full Version : 42.xx color problems

01-30-03, 02:35 AM
Hi guys, I am new here. I just installed the 42.xx drivers. and weird thing is color is much brighter. For ex. start button is very bright green and back ground picture which is the winxp one also looks very bright. Folder icons are also very bright yellow. I have tried installing every 42.xx drivers and i get the same result. but when I go back to 40.xx drivers it goes back to how the colors were. Is this normal? maybe a change in new det drivers?

with the 40.xx drivers when i point the mouse over start button, it becomes brighter. with the 42.xx it is the opposite. it is already bright and when i move the mouse pointer on it, it dims down. Any feedbacks are appreciated. Thank You.

01-30-03, 02:42 AM
Update: I connected a 2nd monitor to the gfx card, using twin view. on the 2nd monitor color is normal like with the older drivers(40.xx). but on the primary monitor, it is very bright. I am pretty sure it is not the monitor, because colors are normal when using 40.xx drivers. I hope someone in this forum knows a solution, thanks.