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04-27-06, 06:33 PM
I have a DFI LANPARTY Ultra-D Socket 939 nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard
I bought it 1 month ago. I never did anything else with it because my friend sold me a whole gaming rig at a very good price the very next day after i bought the mb. he went and spent 4k on some silly alienware system. anyways i bought it from newegg and i have the box and everything it came with. i can take pictures if needed. it was only opened to inspect the contents and i can test it on a bench before i ship it you would like.
i'm looking to get 100 shipped for it. obo but i'm rather firm. i paid 125 + shipping.
this is a very good mb as i'm sure you know. awesome for overclocking it was made for it, also it is UV reflective and can be modded to do SLI VERY easily. Also it supports dual cores. here is a newegg link to it: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813136152

i also have a big server case. It is a full size atx tower case. 12 bays, front cooling, room for 120mm exhaust, tons of space which allows for easy water cooling or a massive wind farm. i paid 100+shipping for it i'd let it go for 50 +shipping. the thing is huge. i'll provide pictures upon request.

i don't have heatware
my ebay name is nism0maxima
i'v bought and sold to Bail_w on this forum who can vouch for me.
but i have a good rep on the maxima.org forums. i'v sold and bought many things on there as well.
i will accept paypal or a money order. i ship ups ground. if you would like it shipped any other way the buyer will have to pay extra for it.

paypal to jonmh@comcast.net

05-02-06, 06:30 PM
New Stuff For Sale!

i have 2GBx2 ECC PC3200 DDR2-400 SDRAM they could be for sale if the price was right.
here is a link to the exact same ones on ebay right now: http://cgi.ebay.com/HP-375004-B21-4GB-ECC-PC3200-DDR2-400-SDRAM-2x2GB_W0QQitemZ9717463374QQcategoryZ58312QQrdZ1QQc mdZViewItem
make me an offer!
they were taken out of a system at work for an upgrade(more memory) and fell into my hands. note this does not mean stolen.
i will throw them into a system and test they work again before shipping.


HP Color Inkjet Printer cp1700
Interface Type:
Infrared - iRDA Wireless (iRDA-SIR),
Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A),
USB - 4-pin Universal Serial Bus
System Type: Apple Macintosh, PC, PowerPC
Color Horizontal Resolution: 2400 dpi
Color Vertical Resolution: 1200 dpi
Color Print Speed: 14.5 ppm
Black and White Horizontal Resolution: 2400 dpi
Black and White Vertical Resolution: 1200 dpi
Black and White Print Speed: 16 ppm
Paper Handling Support: Banner Paper, Card Stock, Iron-On Transfers, Paper (Standard Cut Sheet), Photo Paper, Transparencies
Standard Input Sheet Capacity: 150
Max Sheet Capacity: 150

The cp1700 is designed for small businesses, small offices and design houses that demand professional-quality wide-format color printing.

a review i found online: http://www.ciao.co.uk/HP_Color_Inkjet_Cp1700__Review_5490411


It has a built in NIC card and also the ink for this puppy is really cheap. a black one goes for 16 and change. It supports very large paper sizes and does extreme full color printing. We have newer printer which even outclasses this one now and it is collecting dust in my basement.
New i believe these printers went for about 500.
Used ones online are going for around 200 or so i'v seen on pricegrabber. i'll let it go cheaper. Just make me an offer. Buyer pays all Shiping!


Computer Case:


Full Set of Weights:
Includes: brand new Black leather lifting belt never used, 2 dumbells, 1 curl bar, full set of weights(45x2,35x2,10x4,5x2,2.5x12,1x6) 1 Men's barbell, weight clamps, leg adapter for bench, the bench and anything i don't list here you see in the pictures weight related. it is all in excellent condition. always kept clean and it honestly wasn't used much. weights were never kept on the bar and both sides spin very smoothly. the bench can be set up to do incline at two different lvls as well as flat and decline! this is a great setup and would cost retail easily over 500+. this is everything you need for a home gym. every muscle group can be throughly worked out with items listed above. The curl and dumbells were purchased seperately and allow you to hit more muscle groups and gives you a greater variety of exercise availible to you as well! i am a subscriber to two gyms and have 0 use for this now. It is a high quality set and it covered in chrome as you can see in the pics. i bought it all new. I will let it go for $350. i don't believe that weights can really be 'used'. they don't wear out. the whole thing is in amazing condition and with all the extras it is easily worth 350.

this is basically for local pickup only.
buyer would have to pay ALL shipping.

more can be taken if needed.


kerosene heater. it can fully heat a 2 car garage. worked last time we used it which was about 3 years ago. and i will test it before selling. i have a heated garage now and multiple other space heaters so i have no need of it. make me an offer! believe it or not this unit went for over $500 15 years ago, it was state of the art. it can seriously put out some serious major heat. and kerosene heaters are often used in the winter to supliment other heat sources because they are so affordable. a very cheap way to have a heated garage! it is a little dusty & dirty as you can see below. before i ship it i will test it to make sure it works and fully clean it inside and out.
buyer pays shipping or local pick up.

Why have kerosene heaters at all? First, they operate without the use of electricity, so your house can be warm and livable even if the electric power goes out during a winter storm. Second, kerosene itself can be stored in large quantities for a long time, so you are not at the mercy of anyone in an emergency. In actual use for heating a home, a gallon of kerosene will provide about the same heat output as a wheelbarrow load of wood! In the event of a total societal breakdown, obviously you would not be able to store enough kerosene to last a lifetime, and in such a case you would need to turn to wood or coal, whatever is available locally, for winter heat. But burning wood or coal means putting up smoke signals showing exactly where you are and telling anyone who sees the smoke plume that you are warm and most likely have other supplies - like food. Why make yourself a target if you don't have to? If everything went to heck in a hand basket, a hundred gallons of kerosene and a good radiant heater would keep you safe in your home over a winter without attracting attention, and that could be enough to keep your family alive - assuming you also have made other preparations. So few people actually prepare than in a year after a major cataclysmic, the unprepared would not be around to steal what you have...

in other words...this thing could save your life!


my robot...
this is a piece of history. it can bring you beers and talk to you also which is it's main selling points.
20 + shipping. FIRM!


05-04-06, 11:40 AM
bump! you know you want this stuff guys.