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04-27-06, 10:48 PM
I can't get a straight answer from Microsoft on this so I'm hoping someone here knows.

I'm planning to upgrade my processor, add about 2gb of RAM, and add an external HDD. Question is, will adding the processor and RAM make Windows want me to reactivate/reinstall it. I know there is something built into Windows that keeps track of your hardware configureation and won't let you change it too much, otherwise it thinks you're trying to do something illegal (or some other crap).

I've already had to reinstall and activate it several times now after other problems and I don't want to call India again (sorry if anyone is offended but I just hate calling anywhere). Plus, its just a real hassle backing up, then putting all my junk back on my PC.

So, if I upgrade, will I have to reinstall Windows?

04-27-06, 11:32 PM
You shouldnt have any problems at all.

If youre worried, try putting the ram in first and running windows. Then install the external drive. Then shut it off and put the CPU in.

Ive never actually seen that hardware check thing in action to be honest, and I install and upgrade machines at work constantly... I dont even know if that feature is still "active" in windows.

The only time this is ever a problem is when theres a serious hardware swap that breaks windows (like a motherboard or in some extreme cases, a video card from a different manufacturer when the drivers havent been properly cleaned out), forcing you to do a repair installation of windows. Then usually you'll have to reactivate before you can even get into the OS. Some times it works over the internet, but you'll usually have to call them.

In your case though, you should be fine.

04-28-06, 12:11 AM
Like Capt has said..........I have reinstalled my copy of XP many times, on alot of different hardware, and never had it not let me in through activation. Although I have heard stories of it happening.