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04-28-06, 06:47 PM
my uncle, the computer noob, called me saying his pc won't start. he said there was a power surge the other day, followed by a blackout. the pc was off at the time, and connected to a surge protector. he unplugged the pc and tried a different outlet to no avail.

when connected to the outlet, the network adapter light on the back of the pc is lit (so i'm assuming the psu is ok. or is that a wrong assumption)? so my question is could the power surge have fried the mobo/cpu, even though the pc was off at the time? or perhaps it's sometime less dire, like a loose connection?

he couldn't tell me much about the system, save that it was an AMD 3200+ with 512 Mb ram. any help would be appreciated. :)

04-30-06, 03:44 AM
check the ram and video card.....

04-30-06, 03:59 AM
Ok, So he plugs it in and pushes the button yet it wont start up? No fans on or anything?

First remove the side panel and see if any fans turn on... if they don't then its the PSU. If fans start thats usually a good sign that the PSU works. If thats the case check the CPU, thats usually the second issue of a no start PC.

RAM usually isn't the case since a PC will even start without ram in it, just wont get far...