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08-13-02, 12:40 PM
Hi all,

Here's a wierd thing I've been noticing lately on my system. I'm still running with the old tried and true GF2 GTS from Creative Labs, latest 30.82 drivers. Since about the 23.xx or 24.xx series of drivers, I'll have the problem where my monitor will periodically drop the signal -- go to black screen as if it's going into standby or switching resolutions -- and then pop right back. It only happens in 2D in Windows -- none of my games are affected. Perhaps it's a problem of resolution/refresh rate ... I currently run at 1280x960 @ 85Hz. Has anyone seen anything like this?

System specs:
AMD T-Bird 700 MHz
256 MB PC133
Creative Labs GF2 GTS (30.82)
Magview VM900E 19" monitor
Sound Blaster Live Value
Windows 98SE
DirectX 8.1


08-13-02, 12:49 PM
Hmm....sounds more like flaky hardware.....

Try downloading the last driver set you know worked without this problem...If the problem still does not occur with these, you know its the driver.

However, I suspect that somewhere along the lines, the card itself went south.

Good luck, let us know how things turn out...


08-13-02, 12:56 PM
Hmmm. I tried the 21.83 drivers again, but they simply stank as far as performance was concerned. I suppose I can live with the signal drops ... as long as it doesn't start affecting the games! ;) I'm about due for an upgrade anyway, so that's a decent excuse to hasten the process.


08-13-02, 02:10 PM
If you have another video card handy, try that in your system. If your monitor still drops, then it's probably a problem with the monitor itself. If older drivers solve the problem then it's most likely software related.

But I'm with pelly on this and that it's probably your video card getting ready to bite the dust. Get in your case and clean out the fan on your video card. It's entirely possible some dust could be limiting the fan's cooling performance and causing the card to overheat.

08-13-02, 02:17 PM
Well, I'm reasonably certain that it's not the fan, 'cause I just replaced it a couple of months ago with a nice Blue Orb. It's as clean as a whistle (I just checked 'cause I've got another fan making noise in the system). It wouldn't surprise me at all if the video card was ready to kick it. But the fact that it ONLY occurs in Windows 2D apps is a bit suspect to me. I've never seen it in Linux (dual-boot Mandrake 8.1 and Win98SE) when I'm hanging out on the desktop, and I've got the latest Nvidia drivers installed there as well. As I mentioned, as long as the games keep on running, I'll put up with the rest of the annoyances ... but as soon as it drops out when Man-Bot's about to put the Wallop on the villain ... :) Anyhow, thanks for the tips!


08-13-02, 09:41 PM
Maybe its time for a formatting and reinstall with all latest drivers but for the gf2gts I recommend either the 23.11 or 30.20 dets on my older I use the 23.11 dets with the 64mb gf2 ti in it (which is just a higher clock gf2 gts) and I found them to be the fastest driver for the gf2 and damn stable.

08-14-02, 07:45 AM
Formatting and reinstall is an option that I've considered. Entropy has hit the ol' 98 system, and it's about time to freshen things up. I'm trying to hold out until I upgrade, though. :)

I'm also going to stick with the 30.xx driver series for now. The 30.82 and 30.30 performed about the same for me (30.82 seemed like it had a little better IQ), and the pre 27.xx drivers were quite a bit slower.

I think I might have stumbled across the problem, though. Apparently my monitor (or perhaps the card/monitor combo) does not fully support 1280x960@85Hz. I've dropped the refresh rate down to 70 Hz. I've had it up for over an hour without a signal drop, so maybe that was it. Thanks for all the advice!