View Full Version : 2 vid cards vs 1 vid card for dual head

04-29-06, 10:31 PM
Just wondering is it better for gameing to have dual monitors via 2 video cards or use 1 video? I have a 6800 and run it for dual monitors but I do have an old geforce 2 laying around that I could stick in and use this way have the 6800 dedicated to the gameing play monitor and geforce 2 dedicated to the other. By the way if it matters my monitors are same brand and model so that isn't a factor. Just curious never seen any benchmarks or much in the way of does it matter or not.

04-30-06, 02:40 PM
The make or model of the monitors doesn't matter at all. I have a 17" and a 19" CRT hooked up right now with few problems. Bechmarks aren't affected.

I think that most people are better off with one videocard running both monitors, but it really depends on your needs and situation. Most times you run into more compatibility issues with two video cards over one. A lot of applications have a hard time distinguishing the two an dmight want to run on the crappy card instead of the good. You might have a time configuring this.

I believe that if you had two video cards, you might be able to run two full screen applications simultaniously. More than likely, though, Windows would limit you to running on the Primary monitor solely.

Overall recommendation: Keep it the way you have it with the 6800 UNLESS you are having issues with the second DVI port "blanking" the image on the secondary monitor. A few NVIDIA cards have this problem to some degree or another, some notice it and others don't. If you aren't having any problems keep things the way it is.