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04-30-06, 12:11 AM
I just aquired Oblivion, and while i'm waiting for the final parts off my new rig to be shiped, i've been looking through the huge mass of mods and stuff created for Oblivion.
I never played yet, but i know i already love this game, i'll start a fresh unmoded game to taste bethesda's work, but i know i won't like much the leveling of the items and mobs, and few other things.

And i'm wondering if some people would take few mins to tell what mods they like and use to sort of improve their gaming sessions.
I've already found some i'll use, but i surely missed some good stuff :)

Thanks! I can't wait to play !

04-30-06, 12:40 AM
Here's what I use:
Advanced Water 1.2 (there are a couple water mods out, but I like this one the best)
Natural Faces
Brighter Torches 1.2
ANB Regen - regenerates health when not in combat+weapon is unequipped. Some "hardcore" RPG may not approve of this, but I don't like waiting all the time for my magic to come back so I can heal a couple points)
No More Annoying Messages
A colored map... I forget what exactly it was called though. Just makes the map have some color instead of being so bland
Capn's textures and that other guy's normal map textures

And a bunch of tweaks from http://www.tweakguides.com/Oblivion_1.html

04-30-06, 12:56 AM

Didnt know about that tweaking guide, but this one http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/article.asp?SCID=27&CIID=36546&p=1

Thanks for the good ideas !

And of course, i've seen the work of Capt'n, i even think that it's while looking for some texture mod that i found his post and these forums that are my favorites now.

Edit: Wow i love this tweakguides.com !

04-30-06, 11:43 AM
Make sure you get the fix for npc loot. It makes it so that once you hit the high lvls you wont get elven and daedric armor on every bandit or marauder you kill.

04-30-06, 11:59 AM
Im a Hardcore RPG Fan aswell, these are the mods I use.

First I set time to realtime (console command "set timescale to 1")... so 24 hours ingame is 24 hours in RL. If I need to speed up time on timed missions I use wait or sleep.

Lighter Mithril Armor (makes Mithril actually worth it for light armor characters)
Necromancy Spells
Enahanced Bows (scales bows better and makes ranged combat more difficult aswell)
Magic Arrows (Adds more Magical Arrows to the game)
Natural Enviroments and Weather (improves the outside world more)
Longer Summons (Great for Summoner based casters, summons last too short on default)
Psychic Guards (Guards don't instantly know when you commited a crime, they need to be in the area)
Regional Bounties (makes bounties only effective in the area you commited the crime)
NPC Static Levels (Makes NPCs actually a consistent level insted of growing with the player)
Expanded Light Armor (Adds more Light Armor, game is lacking alot in this area)
Enchanced Races (Improves Models)
Natural Faces (Improves Faces of Models)

And thats all I can remember right now... I so wish someone would make a mod that adds the D&D Rule Set... that would be amazing!

04-30-06, 02:54 PM
Thanks again guys!

Yes the main mods i would take first are to correct the loot and mobs lvls.
I like your mods |MaguS|, i mainly play stealthy chars and yes the psychic abilities of the guards would be annoying :)

But i heard there are multiple mods for the mobs static lvls, will have to check taht further.