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Daneel Olivaw
04-30-06, 08:33 AM
BenQ FP91G+


Bought at FutureShop with priceMatch to NCIX.com for 339$ (CAD) or (302$ USD)

This is my first LCD aside from my laptop, though I've sold LCDs, among other things, for 2 years at Business Depot (before getting my programming job).

Quick specs on the box:
Type: 19" TFT LCD monitor
Model: Q9T4
Res: SXGA 1280x1024
Brightness: 250 nits
Contrast: 550:1
Response time: 8ms
Color: Silver-Black (also available black-black)

DVI and VGA cables included

Strong Points
-DVI cable included
-Perfect pixel definition using DVI (very clear and crisp) (incomparable to VGA)
-No defective pixels out of the box
-No noticable ghosting using VGA or DVI (update: very slight ghosting in UT2K4)
-Using low contrast (less than 30%, I like 10%) shades of grey are perfectly separated, whatever brightness level is used (I like 50%).
-Looks damn good in my living room.

Weak Points
-Backlighting visible on black color when no ambiant room lighting. Black is a dark shade of grey, contours of the screen are even more 'backlit'.
-Using the VGA connection, and even after many adjustments, text and images are a bit blurry, not a defect, not as 'crispt' as the LG 17" LCD (L1717S-BN) for example.
-Display is a bit bluish. See issues and fixes.
-Using DVI, no amount of monitor adjustments could give perfect colors, display would always seem to be grayish. See issues and fixes.
-I -think- the lower right part of the screen is brighter than the upper left (extremely gradual and subtle)

Issues and fixes
-Bluish color reproduction: Adjusted monitor to 60-60-50 (RGB), colors are even.
-Greyish color reproduction: I fixed that just this morning, through Nvidia control panel. Using a CRT, I never had to adjust colors using the driver, but that's what fixed the greyness of my LCD. I dropped the gamma for all channels and displays to 75% (from 100%). Now I can safely say that color reproduction is near perfect (very close to my old trusty 17" CRT)

(price out of quality)
Using VGA: 3 stars out of 5
Using DVI: 4 stars out of 5

(absolute quality)
Using DVI: 3 stars out of 5

Settings (DVI)
colors: 60-60-50 (rgb)
brightness: 50%
contrast: 10%

NV control panel (Driver)
gamma: 75%

Settings (VGA)
Itouch auto adjust button with BenQ test image

Testing (all at native res of 1280x1024)
Serious Sam II full version with recent patch
Half-Life II
Galactic Civilizations II
GTA San Andreas
Web browsing

Bottom line
I'll keep it, I AM satisfied. :)

04-30-06, 08:53 AM
Thank you for your review! :thumbsup:

Daneel Olivaw
05-03-06, 08:23 PM
That good deal just got better. I just came back from Future Shop where I had my price adjusted down to 300$CAN (270 US) because the screen is on special this week!

And my boss bought one too. (pirate)

05-03-06, 11:23 PM
nice review :)

im a BenQ fan myself. my monitor was dead pixel free out of the box and extremely crisp/clear as well.

05-06-06, 04:24 PM
Thanks for the review. :)

I really like the 767v2 I got a few years ago, and I'm looking at picking one of these up. I particularly appreciate your mention of the quality of color reproduction.

Thanks again!


07-07-10, 11:19 AM
My BenQ FP91G+ has just died, so I purchased a HP ZR24w. I just don't know what it is about my new monitor. It has a lower refresh rate of 60hz and my eyes have been hurting ever since I started using it. I've played a few games and watched a few movies, both HD & SD and I'm not very happy with the motion at all, as it's very blurry compared to my Benq. I played Pes6 and it looked awful compared to how it played on my Benq. I've tried all the various settings including overdrive, which seems to just make things worse. I think I'll send it back and look for a faster TN panel instead. Shame as everything else is perfect. The viewing angles are great, as is the image quality, it's just the motion problems when playing games and watching movies.