View Full Version : Advice Pls..

04-30-06, 11:49 AM
Hey all..

I just got Q4 the other day and installed. Dont get me wrong i am stoked to finally have it, but the thing is the game laggs SO bad on my comp. Its like I am trying to run it on a pentium w/256 mem and a 32 meg VC. I was wondering if anyone else had that issue? I tried settings like i had Doom3 and and all my other games, 1600x1200 high graphics... I even tried 1280x1024 with low graphics, no difference..

I am running an AMD 64 3200 + DTR
1 gig OCZ Platinum rev1
DFI lanparty nf3 250gb
BFG 6800 gt

Any thoughts as to how I can get this game to work normally... It shouldnt be that much of a resource hog... Thanks!

(btw I updated my system and vc drivers from nvidia... )