View Full Version : video cards:256 vs:128

04-30-06, 04:23 PM
some one told me that a 128 megabyt GeForce 6200 would be better then the 256 variant. if I superclock it will it be able to use the ram efficiently?

thanks for eny help

EDIT: this was posted in the wrong place. it is being moved to geforce 6/7 siriys

05-01-06, 10:26 PM
If I knew the clock speeds for both cards, it would be easy to tell. Tell you what , go to newegg.com, and look at the descriptions, which will tell you the clock speeds of the gpu core and memory. Also look at the memory bus width[ 128,256bit] and the card interface type [pci, pci_express, agp, pci_express*4 or 16]. Or perhaps someone who knows could post a responce to help you? update: Since I'm newegg , I'll look. Looks like the 256MB cards are 100mhz slower on memory than the 128mb cards. Both are 350mhz core clock. Both of these are the non-turbo cache ones, which are better, and both of these cards SUCK!!! Hope that helped