View Full Version : Full screen video scaling on "analog" display

05-02-06, 09:06 AM

I just got a new Geforce 7900 GT card, everything works fine except one annoying issue.

I use a dual monitor setup with one Dell 19" LCD monitor connected via DVI and one Panasonic 50" plasma connected via VGA (analog).

As you might guess, I use the plasma screen to view video but on the Geforce card the video doesn't get scaled to the size of the monitor so I end up with black borders on the top and bottom with many video files. This is a real killer for plasma monitors due to burn-in so I have to get this problem fixed.

I've played around alot with the settings and have not been able to find a solution so far. The card detects my plasma as an analog screen (it's not analog, but I am connecting through VGA) so I have fewer settings for scaling.

My old ATI Radeon X800 Pro did this just fine without any problems on the same monitor setup.

Can anyone help?