View Full Version : NVIDIA Detonator Drivers 41.07 and 40.74 for Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

01-30-03, 10:21 PM
Ok Peeps here's two new sets of Nvidia Detonator Drivers version 41.07 and 40.74 for Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP! there Dated 2003-1-29


01-31-03, 08:43 AM
Interesting. Slightly older versions but are dated later. I don't think I'll be getting those - the 42.70's are working perfectly fine for me. :D

01-31-03, 08:55 AM
New dets, for 98se even, and I just can't even get up the enthusiasm to download 'em and try 'em even though I just got broadband a few days ago. :(

Quick, someone tell me something interesting about 'em so I can re-discover the driver geek inside-o-me!!!! :eek:

The Baron
01-31-03, 09:03 AM
They add CinePr0nFX? ;)