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05-02-06, 04:48 PM
Ok for months now I've debating why AOE3's official screenshots all have perfect antialias, and yet I have yet to see a user screenshot with the same perfect antialias. I came to the realisation recently that the latest cards have a supersampling antialias (which renders the game at a larger resolution, then scales it down, so in effect jagged lines become blurred, and there you have perfect antialias). Could you do this for me? (When you get the chance) Enable supersampling antialias in your /Geforce Radeon control panel (as high a level as possible) and load up AOE3 and send me a screenshot? Tell me if it runs smoothly or not as well. If not then lower the supersampling level until it comes to a playable performance and tell me what level you have it at and send a screenshot of it too (btw I think you need to restart the game in order to see the change when you change the sampling level).

05-02-06, 08:41 PM
I think its not possible to get AA to work in AOE3 because it uses FP16 HDR (bloom actually) wether you use SS or not.
maybe only if you disable it then AA would work ? not sure.

05-03-06, 02:32 AM
For screenshots it's easy to achieve the same thing by running the game at, say 1600x1200, taking a screenshot and then downsampling that to 800x600. This will give you the same effect as running at 800x600 with 2x2 super-sampling (it may be the technique used to achieve the anti-aliasing in the publicity shots).

05-03-06, 02:10 PM
Hmm yeah that was another theory.
The other thing is that the official screenshots seem to have a lot more vibrance. Do you think that is photoshopping?

05-03-06, 06:33 PM
Multisample AA only works with ATi X1XXX cards in this game, on nVidia cards it only does a superamples 1.5 times in each dimension ie: 800x600 is rendered at 1200x900, then downsampled. Antialiasing in this game looks much better on ATi X1XXX cards than nVidia cards when shader quality is on highest (ie when HDR is enabled).

05-05-06, 07:09 PM
have you got a screenshot?

05-05-06, 08:30 PM
In AOE3, back when I had it, 4x AA and very high shaders (HDR) @1024x768 looked pretty damn close to those screenshots on the official site. Keep in mind those screenshots are at 1600x1200, so 4xAA will look pretty damn close to "perfect". The 800x600 shots are simply downsized 1600x1200 shots.

Forcing supersampling/multisampling on in the control panel would give a huge performance hit, but X1900 or 7900GTX could do it. IMO, though, it's not necessary unless you're playing at like 640x480.