View Full Version : nv support for the Dell 3007 WFP ... how is it ?

05-03-06, 05:08 AM
Just purchased a Dell 3007 WFP. Currently on assignment in Scandinavia so cannot wait to get back home, unpack it and start using it.

I see that the only controls on the monitor are for brightness and power but I'veread reports that Nvidia drivers have a OSD for the 3007 on the ForceWare control panel. Apparently this lets the user control brightness, contrast and temperature from Windows. Could any 3007 owners here with an NVidia card post screenies of this NV OSD ? What have your experiences been with nv drivers ?

I have a single 7800GTX and was thinking of going in for X1900 with CrossFire in order to play games at 2560x1600. But if ATI does not support anything similar to Nvidia's OSD for the 3007, I might as well stick with a dual 7900GTX in SLI mode.

05-03-06, 07:19 AM
Thanks slaWter. The reason why I asked was that I saw the picture below and was wondering if the Contrast/Brightness/Temperature adjustment was for the video card or if it was for the monitor. Recent nv ForceWare drivers do allow for adjusting monitor settings from within Windows ( "Direct Access" or something like that ) but I guess the stuff below is just standard nv control panel ...