View Full Version : nView questions: horizontal span / profile

05-03-06, 02:56 PM
Hey, I've just got a second monitor and have a few questions:

1) Is there any way to get profile changing down to either an icon or context menu or something so I can change it easily?

2) Can I save in profiles the option of 'video overlay' device selection? (I have three devices connected: TFT, CRT and TV - need to switch between TFT / CRT for work with no overlay, and TFT / TV for watching movies etc.)

3) Can you have differing resolutions on two monitors running horizontal span? (I sometimes like to play games across the two mons making one uber-widescreen 1600x600 - and unfortunately the crosshair is centred across both monitors. If I had differing horizontal resolutions, the crosshair would be on one monitor or the other...)

4) Are there any plans for nvidia to release a triple-head (three simultaneous monitor) support?

I tried to do a brief search and in the first few pages I didn't find responses... Cheers to anyone who can help.


Killeur TR
05-05-06, 12:15 PM