View Full Version : Cyber dates?

05-05-06, 03:13 PM
OK time for you guys/gals to fess up. When playing a MMOG do you ever try to "pick-up" a girl or guy?

I ask because in the last 2 days I was hit on twice in City of Heros. Are gamers so into these other worlds that the thought of dating in that world sounds like a good idea to them? :D

05-05-06, 03:35 PM
I don't play MMORPG's :)

05-05-06, 04:43 PM
I married myself in SWG (had two accounts). It was a marriage of lust though, my main character (Smuggler/Pistoleer Solo type that dressed as a Tusken Raider) met my second character (a scantilly clad female dancer) in a cantina. Of course my second character wound up making more money then my main after becoming an uber dancer/entertainer. Ahhh SWG the good(or generally bad) old days.

But no, I don't do the whole cyberdate thing ingame, seems a little...lame. But for a long term relationship could be their only means of entertainment other then calling on another on the phone and watching the same movie or err...doing something else hehe. :-o

05-06-06, 11:21 AM
Never have and never will and been playing these type of games since UO. Sure some people actualy wind up getting together because of a game but I'm playing the games for entertainment not for hooking up.

05-06-06, 11:26 AM
I played EQ1 with my then current GF. People would look at us weird because everytime we grouped and had tot alk to her I would call her hun insted of her ingame name... problem was she played a male character...

Once made the mistake of typing "I gotta go to bed, Adriak is getting cranky!"... Don't think I ever seen the guildchat so quiet...

As for strangers, Never tried to hit on a girl through a MMORPG. I have met some but that was with a bunch of guildmembers aswell since it was a guildmeet.

05-10-06, 02:58 PM
wow I am surprised at the amount of people that do not play MMOGs that posted and that so few of the people that do play them had a comment on this.

Being new to this type of game, only played for about 6 months now, I find the whole online friends thin a very interesting byproduct of the games. I belong to a large super group, like a guild, and have made some friends that basicly any time we are on-line togeather we work it out so we can be on the same team. Then we chat about the same normal things I chat about w/ my "real life" friends. But there is just some thing about this type of friend ship that is strange. I mean what if one of us is having a bad day? Will the other put them selves out of playing the game to talk to you about it? I have seen other people in our group do this but for the click I am part of it has not come up.

I guess since I play such a goody goody type hero I would stop playing to talk to them if they wanted me to. But in reality I do not even know who I am talking to. Could be a old lady in France or a teen ago kid in collage here in the US. When I think about that aspect it kinda freaks me out.