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05-06-06, 05:29 PM
Ok i im an fps fanatic, what wanted something a little different. I have a reasonable grasp of the manual, and having atually played the dice version of rpg's 15 years ago i understand a little. So iv'e bought oblivion, having a good time atm, but! i need some advice please...
1-im only a couple of hours into the game, so im still level 1, im in the main city, i have some armour/swords/spells etc, but i still get slapped up by most things, including rats lol. So should i spend time building up my armour/defence/attack skills or should i take my chances on missions outside the citidel. I have the feeling im better off staying put for a while, but would like some advice please:)

05-06-06, 05:46 PM
1) It takes a LONG time to advance to the next level.
you have to gain experiance in your major attributes/skills in order to to advance , so dont let that concern you. sometimes i spend like 6 hours with continous skill gains & yet to increase my level.

2) Just like what you said .. its better that you suit yourself with some good armor , weapons , spells & health potions before you go into the wild.
i'd fight crabs in the shores or explore some nearby dungeons but carfully. if you got surrounded or outnumbered just run away lol!

did i say health potions ? oh yeah i did :p

3) Search the boxes in the Imperial City for some stuff that you can either use or sell for some cash.
join guilds & take advantage of thier free stuff.

4) If you are specilized in stealth then stealing some weapons/armor would be a nice shortcut ;)

5) do actions more than often like jumping , swimming , sneaking , lockpicking , casting spells even just for practising. remember any action you do will increase your skills gradually.

05-07-06, 04:48 AM
[5) do actions more than often like jumping
Yeah ive found myself bunny hopping around town, like those speed increase jumps in Hl2. Its improving my skills:)

05-08-06, 08:15 AM
all skills get a bonus effect at thier differnent ranking levels
right now there all at novice level, when they get to 25 thell will be at apprentice level, at 50 they'll be at journeyman, 75 master and 100 expert
what that traslates too is this say with the skill blade at apprentice level you get more damage I beleive, at journeyman you have a chance to do a side attack and disarm someone, then at master level you get a back attack that can knock ppl down and so on with every skill so its important to use the skills you want to level the fastest eat allot of ingerdients if you want to level alchemy if you plan on using it as a mage you should

05-08-06, 03:30 PM
I should eat the ingredients? not mix them?

05-09-06, 07:47 AM
mixing them is very good and makes your alchemy go up faster than eating them yes, I am using a mod that autopicks up all ingredents near my char so i get alot of stuff ,I mix potions but I also eat stuff because its faster than making potions