View Full Version : UT2003 DE bonus pack today

01-31-03, 01:07 PM
www.beyondunreal.com has the newz


The 2186 Patch looks to be nearly ready for release. We are hoping to have it in your hands in less then a week.
from planetunreal.com
which means the Epic bonus pack and patch could be right around the corner :) Rock on.
(Of course, they suck with dates)

planetunreal again
UPDATE: From Mark Rein:

One thing to note is that the DE bonus pack requires version 2166 or newer. We're hoping to release another patch, 2186 I believe, today if it passes Infogrames QA.

01-31-03, 02:17 PM
heheh with U2 and UT2k3 bonus pack/patch, it looks to be an UnreaL week ahead :cool2:

01-31-03, 03:28 PM
the downloads about 70 megs. Go for it.
http://www.beyondunreal.com has it too

01-31-03, 03:51 PM
thanks for the info.....i havent played ut2003 for awile, maybe it is time to start playing again.

01-31-03, 04:40 PM
if anyone needs more links, they can worry about it :p:)

01-31-03, 09:21 PM
The patch is indeed up :)

01-31-03, 10:51 PM
If anyone needs any links here's a german site that has good mirrors for the DE Bonus Pack:

Gamesweb (http://gamesweb.com/pc/downloads/maps/detail.php?item_id=30938)

Here's a quick link for the patch: