View Full Version : GeForce 6800 or 7800 for a Dimension 4550

05-07-06, 11:12 AM
I'm looking to upgrade my, getting old, Dell Dimension 4550 (Pentium 4 w/ 2 gig of ram that runs at 2ghz).

I have an ATI 9500 and bought an ATI x1600 pro - both connect via the AGP slot.

However, it turns out that the ATIx1600s (and higher?) do not work on the 4550s. Over in ATI land, no one is quite sure why this is. There are just a bunch of us who have had to RMA the card after a few hours of blank screens and then deciding to google ‘ATIx1600 and 4550’ - only to learn this.

So I am looking to get a comparable (or better :) GeForce card.

Would you all recommend a 6800 series card or a 7800 card? Will I see the added benefits of a 7800 series card on this computer (Pent 4, 2Ghz)? Is there anyone running a 4550 with either of these cards? I'd rather not have to RMA a second video card.

I’m looking at a few cards at newegg and trying to decide between a 6800 w/ 512MB of ram and a 7800 with 256MB.

Mainly I am a flight sim player. Far Cry and Half Life on occasion, but really like LOMAC and IL-2.


05-07-06, 11:38 AM
Require to change powersupply?

05-07-06, 11:51 AM
i say a 6800 because with your 2.0ghz cpu it will be a huge bottelenck with a 7800. maybe look into upgrading your processor, that would be a huge gain.

05-07-06, 02:17 PM
Okay, I've heard about the power supply issues. To maintin the case (and make things easy), I was going to get a SILENCER® 410 DELL-2:

As to changing the CPU - how hard is that? For lack of a better phrase, can I just pop out the old one and put in the new one (as if I were chaning ram)? What would you recommend upgrading to if I were to keep the rest of the motherbaord the same. Sorry, for the questions. I'm knowledgable in the basics, but still I've never swapped more than an HD or a card before.

When I started down this road, I only really wanted to swap the card. Now it seems swap a graphics card and a pwoer supply. Both seem easy enough. But how much harder is it to also change the CPU? And how fast a CPU can I place on the 4550s motherbaord. Any CPUs you'd recommend?


05-07-06, 03:02 PM
Its pretty easy to swap cpus on normal computers, but dell puts some crazy gismos in their computers when i opened up my buddies dell there was a giant green thing covering his cpu, in theory you should just be able to pop off the hs+f, take out the cpu, plot in the new one, and put on the new hs+f, make sure you get the right socket cpu though...