View Full Version : How is TV quality when watching through VIVO?

05-07-06, 06:14 PM
Before I upgraded to a 7900GT I had an All-In-Wonder X800XT. I didn't think I'd miss TV on my PC that much, but it turns out I really do.

I've been thinking about going SLi recently, and I thought that instead of getting a separate TV card, I'd get a VIVO 7900GT and hook my digital cable box to it - which I'd possibly end up doing with a TV card anyway (my cable company is moving more and more channels that I watch out of analog cable on into digital).

I can route a cable from by cable box to the TV without much trouble, and I've already tested that I can "ricochet" my remote signal to reach the box from my desk without much trouble - so the logisitics are taken care of. Now I'm just wondering about the quality. My cable box only has composite out and I'm wondering if it's going to be too blurry to stomach. Anyone with recent a VIVO card watch TV through it and can comment on the quality?

The Bigman
05-08-06, 12:02 AM
You need a Frontend to play the input content off the svideo input.

I use MCE to get the signal when using the VIVO but if your using XP Pro i don't have a suggestions being i used ASUS Digital VCR back in the Day and i don't know what they use today.

05-08-06, 01:22 AM
(slightly OT)
My brother bought a Powercolor PCI-E TV Tuner card with the ATI Theater 550 chipset and the quality is surprisingly good. It isnt perfect (a bit grainy) but its deffinitely good enough for me. It was only $80 too.

Also, the best program I have seen for watching and recording tv on the PC is BeyondTV. We tried a bunch of different programs (MCE included) and nothing worked that well. They all had irritating quirks or not enough options. BeyondTV has everything anyone would need, the performance is perfect, the interface is awesome, it has a rediculous amount of settings... all around excellent program.

It isnt that expensive either and they send you a free remote that works with all of the program's functions (you just pay S&H).

Theres a trial of the program too, so I highly recommend that you give it a shot.

05-08-06, 01:25 AM
You should be able to use WinDVD to watch TV. I don't have a VIVO card so the option isn't there but the readme mentions the capablility.

05-08-06, 12:02 PM
I can only afford either a TV card or a the VIVO 7900 GT, not both.

I had originally planned on getting a Theater 550 card and Beyond TV, but as mentioned my cable company is moving more and more stuff into digital cable. I'd probably end up hooking up my cable box to any TV card I get anyway so the tuner and any guide software ends up completely wasted. That's why I figured I might be better off getting the VIVO 7900 GT since I get the added benefit of SLi.

If I get the VIVO card I probably wouldn't get Beyond TV with it since it's $70, and a lot of the guide and tuner functionality would be wasted. I hadn't thought about what software to use, but I can always figure that out later. Right now I'm just concerned about what the picture quality is like through a VIVO so I'm still looking for an answer to that.