View Full Version : Fullscreen video question

05-08-06, 10:22 AM

I recently switched to Geforce 7900 GT from an ATI Radeon X800 Pro.

I'm having some issues with full screen video playback, mainly that I sometimes get black borders on the top-and-bottom or left-and-right of the video.

I realize this is because the video files I'm playing have aspect ratios different from the resolution I'm running at.

My question is essentially this:

Can the 7900GT scale video so that I never get black borders (this means changing the aspect ratio of course)? And if so, how do I enable this?

I was hoping to find a codec-netural solution since I play all kinds of files including DivX and MPEG2.

My ATI card always scaled video perfectly to the screen and never gave me any black borders at all.

I absolutely can not live with these borders because I'm using a plasma monitor for video playback and the borders can cause burn-in (damage the monitor).

I'm running Win XP Pro / SP2.

Any help would be greatly appericiated.