View Full Version : Lost Planet demo out ?

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05-08-06, 01:21 PM
People say its out but i dont see it....

05-08-06, 01:26 PM
Don't see it either, there's a trailer for it though..

05-08-06, 01:50 PM
Hm featured downloads... anyone can check its supposed to be there but im downloading the test drive demo atm..

05-08-06, 02:55 PM
Nope not yet, but it should be out tomorrow as someone posted in another thread...

05-08-06, 03:25 PM
I was still downloading Test Drive when it came up but by time I went to check it was gone. Almost everyone that got it though say its great. One guy says it feels like Bionic Commando.

05-08-06, 03:27 PM
They put it up by mistake and took it off in an hour. It's supposed to be up tomorrow for everyone. Some people got it intime tho :\

05-08-06, 03:36 PM
Yeah some people got it in time and posted pics on a German forum, that happened while many of us were downloading "Test Drive". That's fine with me though, no reason to get all E3 stuff on one day.

05-08-06, 03:54 PM
I dl'd 70% of it and got cut off. :(

05-08-06, 04:23 PM
looks sweet but oh well tomorrow is the day anyways.

05-09-06, 11:29 AM
It's out now, only 300Mb.

05-09-06, 11:32 AM
Is it an on rails shooter? Looks alot like one.

05-09-06, 11:49 AM
Yeah it seems so from what i saw in the trailer. Download is very slow, it will take a while till i can post some impressions. I really hope MS implements a real Download Manager soon that works in the background.

05-09-06, 01:08 PM
Well my download just finished and it was well worth the wait. Capcom really put some effort in it and the Demo is just pure quality. Graphics are great and live up to the trailers for such a small demo and the action even better. This one will stay on my drive until the retail game drops for sure and I can see myself coming back to it. The XBox finally has Devil May Cry and Onimushi quality game...its that good.:)

05-09-06, 01:14 PM
Sounds good, but my download is still not finished (87%).

05-09-06, 01:16 PM
Be prepared to be blown away.:)

05-09-06, 02:03 PM
Only tried it for a couple of minutes (need to prepare for an exam), but you were so right. Graphics are great and the action is fun, will play more tomorrow.

05-09-06, 03:14 PM
This demo is amazing!

05-09-06, 03:15 PM
Yeah really great i think this game will be awesome

05-09-06, 06:27 PM
Very nice demo!! Excellent graphics and sounds and that crab boss thing was awesome how it jumps around and swings its claws and stuff. I am definitely interested in the full game for sure!

05-09-06, 07:31 PM
Lost Planet definitely looks like it's going to sell some consoles. Awesome graphics, audio and gameplay. When I walked into that cave on the first part of the demo my jaw dropped! This one is on the top of my list this fall.

05-09-06, 08:03 PM
That was some hot ****. I didint even know you could swing around like spiderman until my second time playing.

05-09-06, 10:12 PM
Holy crap this demo is amazing, Graphics & Gameplay rock ..It actually felt like a next gen title for once.

05-10-06, 01:35 AM
Very impressive, was not even on my "To Buy radar" ...I can tell you now, its on my radar, and locked on. Can't wait.

Mr. Hunt
05-10-06, 09:49 AM
Wow... I watched the trailer they put on Marketplace like a month ago or whatever and was disappointed... I just downloaded and finished the demo and was pretty blown away... the game looks awesome and the gameplay is much better than I was expecting... my only issues were some of the controls felt a little weird... but hopefully that gets fixed before release.

05-10-06, 10:16 AM
Playing this demo and seeing how refined the graphics look makes me ashamed that a title like PDZ is on the 360. Ewwww! I'm going to sell it asap!..sorry if i've offended anyone. :p