View Full Version : NewEgg 8 Hour sale is the longest 8 hours I have ever seen

05-09-06, 02:44 PM
They have the Evga 7900GT KO for $288 ,which is a great deal it comes with the larger copper heatsink which covers the memory and it has 1.4ns memory on it ,It comes clocked at 520/1540,but the memory on it overclocks like cazy I have had mine to 1900 and it showed no artifacts ,it might go to 2000 but I started getting scared so I stopped at 950(1900DDR) ,that should be plenty anyway, since I did'nt see a big increase in bench marks scores with it being that high.

05-09-06, 02:47 PM
This would be great if I hadn't bought two BFG 7900GTs a month ago. :nutkick:

Good deal though.