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05-09-06, 03:11 PM
It looks like 'tis official. No AGP Geforce 6 or 7 series card supports WMV HD decoding:


or directly from nvidia at


05-09-06, 08:39 PM
I'm pretty sure my old 6200 AGP did.

05-10-06, 05:25 AM
I'm pretty sure my old 6200 AGP did.

So did the AGP 6600 GT I have with forceware drivers 67.03 to 78.05. But there were audio sync issues and nvidia's totally disabled it in the 80 series forceware.

I guess they took it down to avoid being sued over false advertising.

05-10-06, 06:12 PM
The NV40 has bugs in the WMV hardware so 6800 WMV support was killed in the drivers and the marketing hype. There was a big uproar form the bleeding edge 6800 buyers who were talking class-action for a while.

EDIT: talking, not taking.

05-11-06, 12:01 AM
The NV40 has bugs in the WMV hardware so 6800 WMV support was killed in the drivers and the marketing hype. There was a big uproar form the bleeding edge 6800 buyers who were taking class-action for a while.

But the NV43 has working PureVideo silicon. The PCI-E 6600 GT has fully functional WMV HD. However, the AGP 6600 GT doesn't anymore. I guess 'tis got something to do with the BR02 chip as the G70 based 7800 GS doesn't support it either.

05-15-06, 09:50 AM
Hi There

I have exactly the same problem. I have a MCE 2005. I only bought the card 1 month ago because i wanted a card that supported WMV-HD and H.264 hardware decode. I even based my decision on the matrix on the uk nvidia site that STILL states that the AGP 6600 i bought would support the functionality. To be honest i am disgusted with NVIDIA. I spent 77 pounds on this card. They wont even respond so any support questions i have raised. I have raised a support call with PNY the manufacturer who are very good. However this is an nvidia issue they should resolve it.

05-15-06, 02:48 PM
I bought mine in 2004, and got it two days after it was announced. 'tis been a great card. I also bought an ATi Radeon X1600 Pro after realising that nVidia would never fix this and the H264 issue ( H264 also doesn't work properly on the AGP 6600 GT, producing garbled images. I have not come across a single AGP 6600 GT owner online with working H264 acceleration. The NV43 chip supports both, but with the AGP bridge it just doesn't work. If you were to switch to PCI-E, both these functions would perfectly. )

The ATi card however is another story. WMV HD and their H264 ( upto 720p ) does work ( H264 doesn't work in Cat 6.4 as they've improved their decoding and broken compatibility with the previous Cyberlink ATi H264 decoder ). MPEG-2 HD also works fine on the ATi card producing identical results to the 6600 GT's MPEG-2 HD decoding.

SD MPEG-2 for PAL DVDs and 25 fps MPEG-2 clips is horrible on the ATi card. Vector adaptive and motion adaptive deinterlacing ( as well as the automatic mode ) produce horrible smear trails, especially on output produced by my Hauppauge PVR-250 on my PVR box. The only thing that works is vanilla 'Adaptive' deinterlacing. However that's not very good and scanlines pop up every so often. DVDs in general don't exhibit it so much and NTSC Region 1 ( North American ) DVDs have no issues whatsoever.

So if you're using it in or with a PVR with SD-MPEG-2 in a PAL/50 Hz/ 25 fps country, you can forget about ATi for now.

Despite what all the sites say about ATi having superior MPEG-2 decoding in the HQV benchmark, this isn't necessarily true of actual playback.