View Full Version : Anyone having annoying pauses while using the COntrol Panel??

05-10-06, 11:20 AM
Using the 84.56's with the modded .INF on a 7800GT. I have Winxp Pro with .net 1.1 and 2.0 installed and when I change something in the CP it pauses for quite a while before it takes. I'm also using the old style control Panel becuase I like it better than the .net version. I also have the driver service,NVCPL.exe, and NWIZ.exe disabled in msconfig. I read somewhere that it isn't necessary to have these items enabled in order for the driver to work properly. Do you think that's causing the pauses/delays???

05-11-06, 07:15 AM
37 views and no replies???:( I also would like to know how to get the new control panel. That might be part of my problem. Anyone getting a delay???

05-11-06, 07:35 AM
I've never had a reason to disable nvcpl.exe (nvidia control panel) or nwiz.exe (display wizard). Do you have them disabled for any particular reason?

05-11-06, 08:05 AM
Just trying to limit overhead{Ram usage}. The thing is it doesn't affect the problem I'm having with pauses. It actually is like a 5 second delay after I apply a setting and then click on O.K. and the CP is nonresponsive. I never used to have this problem so I'm worried something else is causing it and maybe someone else experienced this issue also.

05-11-06, 09:12 PM
I figured it out!!! It was my desktop background!!?? It was a 1.29MB pic of my wife and kids that was uncompressed. Weird huh??:D

05-11-06, 09:16 PM
Hmm, glad you figured it out. That's also good info to know.