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08-13-02, 08:11 PM
What a wonderful idea.

08-13-02, 09:24 PM
Originally posted by DaveW
What a wonderful idea.
seeing the cables and knwoing what I do makes me drool, even without any immediate speed upgrades

08-14-02, 06:42 AM
Same here, and that 3Ware 4 port controller looks sweet (hardware based controller, vs. the mostly software implementations used on Highpoint / Promise controllers). But the $300+ price tag on most 3Ware hardware is a bit more than I'm ready to commit for RAID use in my house (I looked after reading the article linked on the front page).

(I may still end up with either a Highpoint or a Promise Serial-ATA RAID card, so long as I can get a 4 port jobbie and it includes the parallel to serial adapter for the hdd end of things, along with serial ATA cables. The idea of SLIM cables that don't need custom-wrapped / replaced with aftermarket rounded cables appeals to me greatly)

08-14-02, 07:49 AM
that controller was 64 bit anyway, I think

08-14-02, 09:54 PM
I love the idea of Serial ATA...no more huge cables, w00t!

08-16-02, 10:41 PM
rounded cables will be an industry standard :D

08-17-02, 12:49 AM
Boy, the things that get us excited. Are we geeks?

08-17-02, 12:56 AM
But no diff. betweed EIDE HDDs and SATA HDDs.

I think I read SATA Engineering sample benchmark...

SATA was slightly (1~5Mb) faster but was slower than EIDE at few benchmark programs.

08-17-02, 01:13 AM
Take that with a grain of salt though, EIDE is an ancient architecture that has been perfected over many years; SATA should kick some serious butt once it has matured a little bit.

Plus now I don't have to worry about my IDE cables restricting airflow in my case :)