View Full Version : New 7900GT - Screen "flickers" everytime I open a videofile!

05-11-06, 04:27 AM

I got everything working with my TV-output yesterday but today Iīm running my 19" CRT in "Single display" but still, everytime I open up a videofile my screen "flickers" and then the video starts.

Whatīs causing this? Itīs really annoying


This also happens when I simply click and mark a video file in Explorer. Extremeyl annoying!

05-11-06, 06:46 AM
If your 7900GT has different 2D and 3D clocks try setting them to the same core/mem speed. The card may be trying to use hardware acceleration and switching to 3D clock speeds to do it. The video starts up card realize its going to use part of its 3D engine to accelerate the video and bumps clock speeds up to 3D and you get a quick flicker.

05-11-06, 07:32 AM

Thanks a lot, that fixed my problem!

I do find it very strange that my card runs 25Mhz (core) and 20Mhz (memoy, 40Mhz DDR) slower. I know you can save power etc etc but I mean 25/20 won't do much difference.