View Full Version : SATA 300 Cables ?

05-11-06, 12:53 PM
man i feel like a noob askin this. is there such a thing as SATA 300 cables? all the cables i find for SATA drives say 'SATA 150' in parentheses, so i figured i should check first.

im pretty sure that theres no such thing, but i gotta ask.

05-11-06, 07:30 PM
yes there are, but ya really dont need them, youre not going to even get close to the 3g mark. My 2 wd 250 gig 16 meg cache sata 2 hds arent even close with even with sata 2 cables


just do a google search

05-11-06, 07:39 PM
Any SATA cable will work fine. I was wondering about this too, but the cables that came with my motherboard give me the 300MB/s. It wouldn't really matter, anyway since my drive only uses about half of the bandwidth of SATA2.