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05-11-06, 01:27 PM

During a technical demonstration for an unnamed Xbox 360 and PS3 Star Wars title, LucusArts made note to announce high interest in creating a Wii title in the Star Wars universe, with lightsaber battles in mind.

If this occurs Wii will own all.

05-11-06, 01:48 PM
I must say that sounds awesome :D

Son Goku
05-11-06, 01:58 PM
Whatever comes about however, I for one won't be asking for a game for my Wii... I commented on that at the local EB, and the people there thought the name sounded pretty odd too. They pretty much said the same thing I did, ask for a game for the lattest Nintendo, and not call it by it's name :D

05-11-06, 02:03 PM
Sweet :D

05-11-06, 02:50 PM
It will need an optional wireless lightsaber attachment so you could do your own moves and look completely stupid at the same time :D

No but seriously I want a lightsaber to play the game, that would sell the Wii like hotcakes!!!!

05-11-06, 03:27 PM
That would be cool.

05-11-06, 08:52 PM
I hope they pull off the melee combat better than Red Steel. That game looks like it has pretty weak sword combat. But, if a Star Wars game is built exclusively around melee combat, it should work out alright.

05-11-06, 11:41 PM

If this occurs Wii will own all.


05-11-06, 11:56 PM
Wonder if thats offical or fan made...

05-11-06, 11:56 PM
Hmm....is that a saber or your wii? :D

05-12-06, 12:14 AM
Wonder if thats offical or fan made...

i'm guessing fanmade. It dosen't seem too hard to do if you know your stuff in 3Dstudio max.