View Full Version : BFG 6800 GS OC (AGP) - Nightmare with OCUK

05-12-06, 09:03 AM
Hi all,

New to this particular forum, but I thought i'd drop a line directly on a hardware forum.

Linked belowe is my post on a forum that I am a regular member of.


In a nut shell, I have problems with my card, and I would really appreciate any trouble shooting help, and if someone could tell me if my latest 3dm scores are near what they should be. I personally don't think they are from the problems I have been having with the card.

thanks in advance, hope to hear.


PC Spec:
Mob: MSI K8N Platinum (nfoce 3).
RAM: x2 512 Crucial PC 3200, 400mhz.
GFX: BFG 6800 GS OC (AGP).
PSU: Akasa Pax power 460.

Latest Nforce 3's (5.11 I think)
Nvidia 84.xx drivers (WHQL) but also tested with the beta's.
Updated the mobo drivers also.

05-12-06, 04:09 PM
I have the same BFG card also from ocuk. I get 12749 in 3dmark 03 and 5382 in 3dmark 05. have you tried removing all the vga and chipset drivers with drivercleaner and install them again? from those screenshots it looks like somthings not installed properly, usually when the vram dies theres artifacts all over the screen and even when not in games.