View Full Version : Hellgate: London To Use DirectX 10

05-12-06, 06:47 PM
NVIDIA announced it has been working closely with developer Flagship Studios on its debut title, which includes support for Havok FX physics and Microsoft's ShaderModel 3.0. Hellgate: London will also be one of the industry's first DirectX 10 games.

"NVIDIA’s expertise has made a huge impact on the quality of our game," said Bill Roper, co-founder and CEO of Flagship Studios. "Thanks to excellent developer tools and unprecedented developer support, we can spend less time on debugging and more time where it counts – taking advantage of the blazing speed and incredible features these cards provide such as hardware shadow maps, Shader Model 3, and floating-point render targets.”

05-12-06, 11:10 PM
Shader model 3? That is soooo 2004.